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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

What that is


Augmented Reality (AR) is an improved version of the real world that is achieved by using digital virtual elements, sound elements or other sensory simulants that are provided through technology. It is a rising tendency among companies that engage in business applications.

Augmented Reality is a form of technology that allows us to create three dimensional virtual objects or information over the real world and the things that surround us, or even hide things from them. AR is already one of the most popular forms of technology, which uses the abilities of today’s modern mobile devices (strong cameras, GPS and high precision movement sensors- accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer), in order to create layers that appear over the image of our device’s camera.

At the same time, marker-based AR, which allows us to use recognition algorithms in order to pinpoint the position and the rotation of the markers, opens up a new path towards more advanced and impressive uses of technology.

In any case, AR amplifies our understanding for reality, by connecting the real and the virtual world, and it shouldn’t be mixed up with Virtual Reality (VR), which completely replaces the real for the virtual environment.

What it helps with / What it offers / Why should I get it?


It has already been 10 years since the infamous face filters of Snapchat started and 5 years since the whole planet was chasing Pokemons out in the streets and the parks of cities (which are now among the most popular AR apps). Today the development of AR apps isn’t exclusively for entertainment purposes, but head towards more practical directions and facilitate our daily life: navigation systems that show the street on live views, applications that recognize objects or interest points and come up with detailed information, solutions that guide us and help us repair anything in our house. All of the above are just examples of where AR is heading today.

Where AR is slowly gaining even bigger application is on business solutions that allows to improve our business’s function, but also our customers’ experience.

Who needs it


Anyone from the market, industries, logistics to the Arts, the entertainment and the tourism fields can utilize AR to increase the workers’ productivity, to improve the products’ and services’ quality, but also, impress the customers through a modern and innovative customer experience.

Projects that are completed

UpcoMinds has developed AR applications for its customers, such as the Thor solution for the company Absolutezero, which allows the distanced viewing of sports games, concerts, merchandise exhibitions and of other events via 360o high resolution (8K) cameras. Additionally, the application offers the option of presenting useful information, as well as the option of changing cameras to watch the event through different angles and lenses. In parallel, UpcoMinds is developing Locit which allows the search, optical recognition and real-time tracking of lost items in the real world. Locit can be utilized by warehouse management systems by pinpointing the exact location of one or more packages in a warehouse and their route.

UpcoMinds’s experience in the development of AR applications is an important tool for our clients that are in the look for innovative solutions in their businesses. AR can be used within the frame of automation of business processes, for the improvement of the employees’ effectiveness and efficiency, and also during the development of mobile applications by combining innovation with excellent customer experience.

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