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Utilization of digital tools

What that is


Managed IT services are the most modern way of utilizing IT Infrastructures. What’s known to the public as Cloud IT services also belong in this category.

Instead of choosing and hiring the suitable personnel for Management and Technical Support of its digital infrastructure, which include networks and IT systems, an organization can assign that process to a trustful and experienced provider. The provider ensures the smooth operation of the part of the infrastructure they have taken over (for example, workstations, ERP systems, servers) or even the infrastructure in its whole.

Furthermore, the provider can take over the responsibility of their own equipment or software for that purpose. In that case, the organization doesn’t have to have anything in its occupation. It receives a result in the from of a salary or lease for as long as needed. When the infrastructure that the provider is using are in the provider’s buildings, then the services are called Cloud services.

When the infrastructures have been provided and are placed in the customer’s buildings, like it happens in the case of Car Leasing, or when the equipment belongs to the customers, the services are called Managed IT Services.

What it helps with / What it offers / Why should I get it?


The decrease in cost, as well as the ongoing productivity are the most basic characteristics where Managed IT contributes and effectively helps in the smooth operation of a business. The advantages of Managed IT include:

Who needs it


Managed IT and more specifically Cloud services are being used by almost every business. Especially in the case of new ones, when a small team begins its business journey with minimum capital, the utilization of such services is a no-brainer. The business focuses on its own value and everything else is leased by the providers.

Small (personnel of 10-50 employees) and medium (personnel of 51-250 employees) businesses of finances (shipping, processing, wholesale, consulting firms and more) choose Managed IT services. Particularly for fields/processes the requirements of which are office applications and an ERP/CRM software. Instead of hiring themselves the necessary IT personnel, they assign the function of the infrastructure to the trustful provider and the supervision of the provider to one of their employees (eg. head of supplies, head of finances, head of IT). The lease of hardware as a service and software as a service from the provider completes the added value of the service.

Projects that are completed

Since 2007, UpcoMinds has handled dozens of businesses in issues that involve Managed IT. Among them we can find multiple corporations, as well as important shipping and fleet management firms. The provided services include employment positions management, Cloud services, provision of telecommunications and other services like email/VoIP telephoning and more.

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