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Business Process Management

Management and automation of business processes-BPM

What that is


The management and automation of business processes (Business Process Management) is one of the first and fundamental stages of Digital Transformation of an organization.

It can be applied to a subgroup of an organization, to the entire organization or even to a level of cooperation between multiple organizations. Business Process Management is a set of steps which include the following:

The process described above is circular and continuous so that the business can daily spot chances of improvement and create antagonistic advantages.

Within that border, UpcoMinds offers an integrated service that combines the provision of counseling services with the development of automation process applications, by helping and supporting your business in every stage of digital transformation.

UpcoMinds’s Business Analysts write down and model the current situation of your organization, by tracking down the parts that need improvement, and they suggest a plan of changes that helps make the most out of current technological developments for the automation of your processes.

Subsequently, the UpcoMinds technical team takes over the actualization of the changes, which might include the automation and the monitoring of the processes via management and automation systems, the effective use of business analytics, but also the development of custom applications according to your company’s needs

What it helps with / What it offers / Why should I get it?


Business Process Management helps your business with:

Who needs it


The creation of a framework of constant management and automation of the company’s processes is a one-way for modern companies that wish to remain competitive. Regardless of its size, for every business, Business Process Management is an indispensable tool for its long-term survival.

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