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Unlocking IT Excellence through Strategic Sourcing

UpcoMinds is specialized in providing services tailored to companies seeking to hire skilled and accomplished technical professionals.


Our Services


Empower your projects with our exceptional individual resources. With availability within 2-6 weeks, we ensure timely access to the skilled professionals you need. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of client’s full responsibility, allowing you to have complete control and accountability over the outcome. Experience the difference our resources can make in optimizing your project success.

Remote Scrum Team

Unleash the power of a complete team with our comprehensive services. Our highly skilled professionals are available to join your project within 2-8 weeks, ensuring swift integration and seamless collaboration. With shared responsibility, we foster a true partnership where success is a collective effort. As an added advantage, UpcoMinds’ Scrum Master will guide and optimize the team’s agile processes, delivering exceptional results. Use the strength of a unified team and elevate your projects to new heights.


Why we stand out

Faster Hiring Process

Deep Understanding of technology. We are an IT House ourselves. Yes, we write code.

High-quality Candidates

Talent pool of 20k+ IT professionals

Specialist Knowledge

250+ employees / 150 of them allocated to clients

Reduced Costs

Cutting-edge BI & AI recruitment tools

Data Driven Customer Insights

25+ years in ΙΤ sourcing industry

Better Customer Experience

Strategically placed offices across Europe

Low employee turnover rate (95% of our candidates work with our clients for at least 15 months)

We suggest 2- 5 candidates for expert positions

9/10 of our customers’ requests result in successful recruitment

Improved Customer Service

Time to deliver CVs

  • JUNIOR level 3-5 days
  • MID level 5-7 days
  • SENIOR level 7-10 days

IT Technologies & Specialties

  • Software Engineering
  • Database Administration & Development
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • DevOps & Systems Engineering
  • Q&A Testing
  • IT Architecture
  • Security Engineering
  • Data & Business Analysis
  • IT Support & Help-Desk
  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
  • Network Administration
  • Technical & Functional Consulting
  • ERP & CRM
  • Hardware Engineering
  • UI/UX
  • Sales & Account Management

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