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What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud Computing is a term for anything that involves the delivery of different computing services through the internet. These services include data storages,databases, servers, networking, software etc.

Cloud delivery and cloud computing models are accelerating the digital transformation. Cloud offers flexible, on-demand access to resources that allow businesses to streamline processes, reduce IT costs, and have a better knowledge of customer behavior, creating this way personalized experiences. With cloud technology, your organization is more agile, while also having all the essentials to increase both customer experience and productivity.


Our Services

Infrastucture as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS provides users access to data storage space, networking, virtualization, etc. Users have the ability to run operating systems on the rented servers reducing this way the operational costs that arise from equipment maintenance. In addition, providers are responsible for taking care of hardware issues and possible outages. IaaS is an option that gives you flexibility and management control over your IT resources.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS provides users with development tools, infrastructure, and operating systems to build, run and manage their own applications. It is an extremely helpful tool for developers as it supports the whole web application lifecycle.

Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS is a cloud-based service that provides you with a complete software application that is managed by the provider. Users can access this kind of application from any location via an internet browser. Software maintenance is one of the responsibilities of the provider, so you only have to think about how to use this software.


Cloud Computing Benefits

Improved Collaboration

Cloud-based solutions make collaboration a simple process. Employees can work together even if they work across different locations. More precisely, team members have access to the same files, shared data, and information, improving this way the business collaboration.

Real-time Analytics


One of the key benefits of cloud computing is that it enables organizations to scale quickly their operations and storage needs to match their business requirements. This way a lot of startups and growing businesses can significantly benefit.

Automatic Updates

With cloud-based applications, you don’t have to wait for system updates to be installed, as those kinds of apps refresh and update themselves automatically with the latest technology, without the need for human intervention.

Better Customer Experience


Cloud Computing enables employees to be more flexible as they have the opportunity to complete their tasks, even if they work remotely. Since the data is stored online, they have access to every information they need anytime.

Disaster Revovery

Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to have access to all the information they have uploaded to the cloud. This information remain safe and accesible even after a computer crash.

Reduced IT Costs

Cloud Computing helps businesses reduce the operational costs that arise from equipment purchasing and maintenance by using the resources of their cloud computing service vendors.


Who can benefit?


With cloud-based solutions, the healthcare industry can manage in a more effective way large datasets. In addition, medical staff can stay connected to their patients more easily, upgrading this way the patient experience.


One of the main concerns that the financial industry faces when it comes to the cloud is the storage and the security of data. Cloud computing aims to change financial functions, without compromising the integrity of confidential data.


By using IoT and cloud-based solutions, businesses can analyze real-time data and create personalized experiences using insights related to their customer’s behavior.


Cloud computing enables teachers to use innovative tools and make their lessons more enjoyable and understandable for their students. In addition, educational materials can be stored in digital files, enabling students to have easier access whenever they want.


The automotive benefits a lot from cloud-based solutions as it relies significantly on constant availability of data. With cloud, Companies can store inventory and other data, all in one location. This way, they boost customer experience by having instant access to everything they need.


Cloud computing is present in a lot of areas in this industry. For instance, predictive maintenance helps manufacturers collect and analyze important data and identify failing assets in advance. This allows them to act quickly and prevent possible incidents.

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