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Empower your business with innovative CRM systems.

What is CRM?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software program that helps enterprises manage their relationships with customers. More precisely, by using a CRM system an organization can track its customer’s interactions and gather data throughout the customer lifecycle. This kind of detailed information can help companies understand their customers’ behavior in depth, improve the customer experience, and increase sales. At Upcominds, our team of IT consultants helps our clients find the ideal CRM system that our technology partners provide to serve their organization’s needs and fulfill their expectations.


Our Process

Getting Started

Discussing with you to understand your needs, and your business requirements. This step helps us find the ideal solution for you.

Suggest solutions

Moving to the second step, we present you a list of our third party technology vendors and their CRM systems. Together, we make a choice of the ideal software for your organization.

System Support

As you have chosen the system of your desire, we provide continuous support for all incidents of the system and we are available to help you at any part of the system integration.


CRM Benefits

Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Service

The main function of CRM systems is to improve business-customers relationships by helping companies understand the customer needs and behavior. Thus, companies can provide a better customer experience and boost their satisfaction.

Increased Sales

It’s maybe the reason behind an organization’s decision to adopt a CRM system. CRM helps drastically in increasing sales by streamlining the sales process. In more detail, you can check customer purchasing behavior to repeat customers and identify potential ones.

Simplified Collaboration

Some CRM systems have collaborative tools that help teams throughout the company communicate easily with each other, or with stakeholders.

Faster Hiring Process

Centralized Database

A major benefit of CRM is that provides a centralized database where all your customer’s information is in one place, making it easy for quick cross-team access.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Higher Efficiency and Profitability

CRM systems lead to process automation which means that employees can focus on tasks that require their intevention to create revenue. In addition, with CRM, employees have faster accessibility to important data to solve customer problems or address a critical business process faster.

Real-time Analytics

Detailed Analytics

CRM systems allow organizations to collect valuable data about their customers, from geographical location to purchasing behavior. These data could be analyzed, and contextualized by tools that CRM systems provide. This way, companies create metrics that help them be more efficient.


Technologies We Use

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