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What are Managed IT Services?


Managed IT Services usually refers to IT services that are outsourced to external partners/ providers and is the most cutting-edge approach in utilizing a company’s IT infrastructure. The infrastructure may include networks, workstations, servers, ERP &, CRM systems, and more generally a company’s digital infrastructure, that may also include services located on the Cloud (Cloud IT services).

In this manner, a company, instead of having a Management and Technical Support team for its own digital infrastructure, subcontracts this function to a reliable, experienced, and qualified provider that will ensure the smooth operation of the infrastructure.

The provider could also provide equipment and software to ensure the smooth operation of the company’s operations. In that case, the organization does not have to invest for the required IT equipment since these could be made available in the form of lease or rental to provide an operational result, for as long as needed.


Our Services

  • Company IT infrastructure maintenance (Cloud and/or On-premises) such as: Managing installations and upgrades, Suggesting and implementing software patches, Systems Monitoring, Security of systems, Provision of web hosting and / or applications.
  • Backups and restore of specified data
  • User Support
  • Software as Service (SaaS – e.g., Office 365, ticketing)
  • Business applications (e.g., ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Provision of IT Automation to Improve common procedures
  • Office Automation to improve common procedures for data process and transfer
  • IT Consulting


Managed IT Benefits

Managed IT Services contribute significantly to the reduction of a company’s costs and effectively help in its proper operation.
The advantages of Managed IT Services include:

  • Optimizing the process of finding, training, and management of specialized executives..
  • Sharing of the managing, technological and financial risk with the provider.
  • Flexibility in adding or downsizing IT infrastructure
  • The integration of variable infrastructure operating costs into a fixed and pre-agreed amount

Who can Benefit?

Managed IT Services and in particular Cloud Services are used by almost all businesses. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors of the economy (shipping, manufacturing, wholesale, consulting firms, etc.) choose Managed IT Services for their smooth operation. These companies, instead of hiring the required IT staff themselves, entrust the operation of the infrastructure to the experienced provider and at the same time the supervision of the provider is carried out by its executive (e.g., procurement manager, finance manager, IT manager). The lease of equipment (hardware as a service) and software (software as a service) from the provider completes the added value of the service.

In the case of start-ups, when a small group starts its own business effort, usually with few initial funds, the utilization of these services is a no-brainer. It allows the start-up to focus on its own added value and everything else is leased by the providers.

Our Projects

Since 2007, UpcoMinds has handled dozens of businesses in issues that involve Managed IT. Among them we can find multiple corporations, as well as important shipping and fleet management firms. The provided services include employment positions management, Cloud services, provision of telecommunications and other services like email/VoIP telephoning and more.

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