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Provision of human resources to the company’s customers

What that is


Outsourcing of human resources is an organization practice with a wide application in the productive fields, internationally and in Greece. In a few words, outsourcing is the existence of an external supplier (UpcoMinds), which provides services and human resources activities, the management of which would otherwise take place inside of the company.

With more detail:

At UpcoMinds, we provide personnel in the Information Technology field, in a wide variety of specializations and we adapt our services to our clients’ unique needs, aiming in our smooth and long-term cooperation.

Having had a steady presence in the market for the past 25 years, we have built a solid candidate base, which is constantly enriched with new Developers, System Administrators, Testers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and other professionals in the field of IT. We evaluate the candidates’ technical abilities, their experience, their ability to work harmonically within a diverse team, their professionalism, and above all else, their positive attitude.

By thoroughly communicating with our clients, we understand their needs and we then move on to tracking, evaluating and choosing the suitable candidates, while being in constant contact with the clients, to detect new needs that might come up and offer satisfying solutions.

What it helps with / What it offers / Why should I get it?


With the help of outsourcing, the company’s efficiency increases, since the access to resources, technology and abilities improves. The operational benefits are increased and a better quality of services is achieved, as well as, a higher degree of specialization in those services and a lower cost.

Sourcing benefits:

Who needs it


In today’s very competitive employment market, businesses of all fields are looking for capable and specialized talents. For this exact reason, it is more important than ever to partner with UpcoMinds, given that the procedures that involve the search, the selection but also the management of human resources, are our strength.

Brief description of the services that we provide:

Projects that are completed

In the past 10 tears UpcoMinds has been providing Outsourcing services to businesses in Greece and abroad in Financial and Banking Organizations, Insurance Companies, Transportation Companies, Tourism Companies, Telecommunications and Technology Companies, such as IBM, Eurobank, Zappware, Vivansa and Unified Post.

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