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Business Process Management

Gain deep insight into the business process performance for better optimization.

What is Business Process Management?


Business process management (BPM) is an organizational discipline that uses various tools and methods to improve a business process from end to end by analyzing the current state, modeling how it works, executing improvements, monitoring the process and continually optimizing it to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Within that border, UpcoMinds offers an integrated service that combines the provision of counseling services with the development of automation process applications, by helping and supporting your business in every stage of digital transformation.

UpcoMinds’s Business Analysts write down and model the current situation of your organization, by tracking down the parts that need improvement, and they suggest a plan of changes that helps make the most out of current technological developments for the automation of your processes.

Subsequently, the UpcoMinds technical team takes over the actualization of the changes, which might include the automation and the monitoring of the processes via management and automation systems, the effective use of business analytics, but also the development of custom applications according to your company’s needs.


Steps of a BPM lifecycle


Analyze the existing progress to identify what can be improved.


Modelling is used to map out the current (or “as-is”) process and design the future state complete with improvements.


Execute the process by testing it live with a small group first and then open it up to all users.


Establish KPIs and metrics to identify progress and measure efficiency.


Make changes based on insights from the monitoring phase to improve the process.


Business Process Management Benefits

Better Visibility

Monitoring more effectively the performance of current processes.

Business Strategy

Achieving strategic goals and aligning the processes with the general company strategy of the organization.

Higher Efficiency

Optimizing the performance of the employees and the organization in its whole by spotting the parts that delay the growth of the company.

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating the internal diffusion of company knowledge and information.

Business Agility

Creating a greater business agility, by adapting the company to the inevitable changes related to technological advances, changes to the regulatory elements and/or competition.

Company Growth

Creating a culture, as well as a framework that helps with the continuous growth of the company.

Technologies We Use

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