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April 2024

UpcoMinds and Emakin participates in 4th BEYOND Exhibition

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the UNLOCKPOTENTIAL @BEYOND2024 segment of the 4th BEYOND Exhibition in Thessaloniki this April. It’s not just an opportunity for us to showcase what we’ve been working on; it’s a chance for us to connect with you, share insights, and explore the future of digital transformation together.

Why Come and See Us?

At this event, we’re joining forces with Emakin, combining our deep understanding of the local market and their expertise in Business Process Management (BPM). Our collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a blueprint for the future, showing how businesses can thrive in a digital-first world.

What Makes Emakin BPM Special?

Emakin isn’t just about automating routine tasks; it’s about opening up a world of possibilities. Emakin BPM is designed to be flexible, efficient, and scalable, providing you with the tools to streamline your operations and make more informed decisions. It’s about setting your business up not just to compete but to lead in an increasingly digital marketplace.


Scheduled for the 26th and 27th of April 2024, UNLOCKPOTENTIAL @BEYOND2024 is where visionaries converge. It’s where ideas meet action. UpcoMinds as a partner of Emakin, offers an innovative platform that empowers businesses utilize Emakin platform to revolutionize business practices. These solutions touch on key sectors like AI, Big Data, and IoT, ensuring you’re not only ready for what the future holds but actively defining it.

Why Schedule a Meeting?

Here’s why booking a slot with us could be the game-changer for your business:
• Tailored Solutions: Discover how Emakin BPM can be adapted to tackle your specific challenges, enhancing both efficiency and innovation.
• Local Insights: Benefit from UpcoMinds’ extensive knowledge of the Greek market, ensuring your solution is not just effective globally but also fine-tuned for local success.
• Future-Ready: Learn about our strategic approach to business transformation, making your operations more agile, resilient, and opportunity-focused.

How to Engage with Us

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can engage with us in two ways:

1. Pre-Scheduled Meetings: Book your slot through the UNLOCKPOTENTIAL B2B @BEYOND2024 platform for a detailed discussion on our collaborative solutions. Schedule a meeting following this link.

2. Visit Our Booth: Drop by for an impromptu chat. We’d love to show you firsthand the potential of Emakin BPM and discuss how our partnership can revolutionize your business processes. Register here for an invitation.

“Unlocking New Possibilities: A Collaboration Between Emakin and UpcoMinds”

Our partnership at UNLOCKPOTENTIAL @BEYOND2024 opens the door to fresh beginnings. When you connect with us, it’s not just about understanding Emakin BPM; it’s about embracing a reimagined future for your business.

We eagerly await the chance to meet you, share our journey, and jointly define new standards for innovation and efficiency in your business processes. Your next significant leap begins with that single step. Come visit our booth; let’s unlock your business’s full potential together.

UpcoMinds & Emakin

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