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UpcoMinds was certified as a G...

January 2024

Great news from a Great Place to Work

UpcoMinds was certified as a Great Place to Work! This certification is the result of an anonymous and confidential evaluation conducted by employees based on their experience of the work environment and company culture.

The highly positive views reflected on the level of care (94%), intimacy (92%), fairness (95%) and leadership behaviour (92%), confirm the people-centric culture of UpcoMinds.

The company invests systematically and consistently in its greatest asset, its people. In this context, it organizes training seminars, funds training courses and offers additional health and insurance benefits. Recently, it started a partnership with an internationally recognized mental health counselling platform to offer all staff unlimited access to certified specialists.

UpcoMinds continues to invest substantially in all its people, individually and collectively, seeking a working environment that successfully balances professional and personal life, that promotes trust, respect, participation, and development.

An environment consistent with its people-centric culture, that has as main priority the employees’ well-being.

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