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With a new name, new colours a...

May 2021

Upcom becomes UpcoMinds

With a new name, new colours and the chance to complete 25 years of a successful course in the field of technology, Upcom changes its identity and becomes UpcoMinds. Through this change, the company’s management maps out and redefines the digital needs of a modern business, and it welcomes a new era with modern services that signal the next 25 years!

Kostas Flokos, CEO of UpcoMinds states: “in a field like technology, that is constantly shifting and developing, the certain thing is, you cannot stay still. For us, our new logo incorporates all the new important trends that deserve our attention. Just like it happened 25 years ago with our first logo. Back then, the usage of blue and green colours allowed us to set ourselves apart from others by stating our ecological intent. Today, 25 years later, the necessities are different. The balance of digital needs and the customer’s service and experience are now two highly important characteristics of every modern business. Thus, the grey colour symbolizes the strength and the balance we have achieved all those years, while the purple that is slowly becoming the international colour for customer experience, is there to show the excellent service and experience of the customer, either referring to our own internal or external client, or our client’s client…”

UpcoMinds today with a presence in Greece, Belgium and Cyprus and a dynamic of over 150 employees, it is a modern technology company that competes with Europe’s top technology firms and is actively participating in European programs that promote the modernization and the substantial technological security and development.

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