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Announcing Couchbase Capella! ...

November 2021

UpcoMinds, is a certified partner of Couchbase

Announcing Couchbase Capella!

During the Couchbase Connect ONLINE event, Couchbase announced Couchbase Capella™, their hosted DBaaS offering. The market noted the simplicity and flexibility of Capella as a key advantage for developers and called out Couchbase’s market momentum on the heels of the Server 7.0 announcement.

Couchbase Capella makes it faster, easier, and more affordable for developers and teams to build flexible, highly performant applications while eliminating the day-to-day management efforts of running their own database. According to a recent report from Altoros, Capella delivers leading DBaaS price-performance, driving down TCO.

With Couchbase Capella, customers receive the advantages of Couchbase’s modern database (such as developer agility and the familiarity of SQL), along with the best aspects of relational databases – like SQL queries and distributed ACID transactions – with the flexibility of a modern JSON document database.

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