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What it is


Through our product innovation lab, we are offering end-to-end services that will help you materialize your innovative ideas into new digital products. Covering the whole product lifecycle, from conceptualization and problem discovery to product development and launching, our human-centered approach will ensure that you are building the right product, while our experienced and agile product teams will ensure that you are building the product right. Whatever your vision for a new digital product, talk to us and we will help you bring it to life.


Why it is important

No matter how innovative your idea may seem on paper, the harsh fact is that more than 90% of all new digital products fail! One of the more (if not the most) important reasons for this, is the lack of proper and thorough user research. Communicating directly with the people we are designing for, showing empathy, and deeply understanding their real needs and problems, is an extremely important first step that many companies tend to overlook.

Another common reason for product failure is bad user experience, and again, involving our target audience in the early stages of the product lifecycle, can be key. Creating multiple prototypes, and constantly testing them with our users through many iterations, allows us to validate our ideas and optimize the usability of our digital product, usually much before writing a single line of code.

Finally, the quality of our final digital product is a very important factor that can affect its acceptability and overall success. Having lots and severe bugs in our software, performance issues or security holes, can lead to a frustrating experience for our users, and consequently to bad reviews and a low user retention. Having our digital product built by an experienced software development team, using cutting edge technology and QA practices, allows us to offer a smooth and frictionless experience to our users.

Of course, some ideas are just destined to fail, either because they do not solve real-world problems, they target a market that’s too niche, or they do not improve on the existing competition. Even though failure is never a desirable outcome, failing early is always better than failing late, allowing us to avoid too many wasted resources and diminish opportunity cost.

What it involves

Our product development process is based on popular and robust human-centered methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design (HCD). It involves three main phases:


We talk with the people we are designing for, empathizing with them, and trying to understand their problems, behaviours and goals. We also investigate the existing competitive landscape, trying to understand whether there is room for new products.

We use methods such as:



focus groups

field research

user personas

card sorting

MVP experiments


We create quick prototypes of the digital product, in order to test our ideas with our target audience, get feedback, improve our prototype, then test again or try new ideas. After our ideas are validated, we keep on prototyping, this time focusing on optimizing the usability of our product.

We use methods such as:


user flows



A/B testing

5’’ testing

interactive prototypes


We decide on the technology that will be used, create detailed architecture documents, implement the software (broken down into multiple sprints) and thoroughly test the final product to ensure that it is of high quality.

We use methods such as:






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